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In a ruined world of the future, humanity struggles to survive. Food is a luxury and anything vaguely edible can mean the difference between life and death. Margaret and Gareth visit one of the city's few remaining restaurants looking for a meal. Their options appear limited, until something very large and very tasty makes itself available to the diners.
Dinner For Two is a frightening tale of the depths to which humans will sink in order to survive.
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Bernie Westacott lost his wife to ovarian cancer nearly six years ago. With no family or friends Bernie faces the prospect of another Christmas with only his pet budgie, Mr Perkins for company. Mr Westacott is determined that this year things will be different, and they certainly are. How on earth did Bernie receive a Christmas card from his long dead wife? and how will the golden box with the bright red ribbon under the Christmas tree solve all his problems?
Mr Westacott's Christmas is a powerful story of lonliness and depression in a world that sometimes forgets to care.
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David is a very violent young man. The only thing David cares about are his beloved video games, and he'll do anything to get them. When David discovers the game Sharpshooter, in a second hand store he is determined to own it at any cost-even if that means murder. David's actions will have profound consequences for him, for sharpshooter is far more than just a video game. David will find himself transported to a nightmare realm where he will play for his very life. should David lose, it's game over...forever.