Books By Stewart Bint

Stewart Bint.

 A bolt of lightning. A crack of thunder. The lingering smell of ozone in the highly charged air. And the world has changed forever. Or has it? Maybe the world we knew is still exactly the same...somewhere else. In the precise moment that the thunderbolt boomed, what if a portal had opened up and sucked us through? And we're now in a different world in a parallel universe.
Even though it looks the same on the surface, there's just a hint that all may not quite be what it seems beneath. Even the most ordinary things may be just a touch out of kilter.
A collection of 17 short stories ranging from the sublime to the unforgivably ridiculous. Powerful, like The Twitter Bully. Puzzling, like A Timely Murder. Horrific, like The Growing Thing. Ridiculous, like Living Proof. Very different, like Ree -- The Troll of Dingleay.

In Shadows Waiting is a ghost story that gets darker by the page, inspired by the author’s real-life brush with the supernatural.

The story revolves around an ordinary family who find themselves the victim of an ever-increasing onslaught. It starts gently, building to a shattering climax.
During a spate of burglaries in their village the family start seeing fleeting movements in their garden. Then things happen in the house. The police can find no sign of intruders.
What was simply annoying becomes frightening. Then dangerous. Then deadly. It’s clear there are supernatural forces at work.
For young Simon Reynolds and his family, the shadows are fading, the waiting is over.
“The creature’s triumphant laugh was something that will be with me to my dying day.”
“It was a face of utmost evil, but was gone before I had a chance to register its features.”
“The sound was heavenly, totally out of this world and I listened entranced. It was the music of angels.”
“Those eyes mirrored all the wickedness and evil ever born on this Earth.”
“But at that moment he didn’t know just how dangerous. And neither did I.”
“Why has it suddenly started to come now? They were questions to which we had no answers. Yet.”