Books By DM Cain

The opening book in DM Cain’s epic Light and Shadow fantasy series certainly plunges us in at the deep end. The heart of this book – its true essence – is prejudice and love, persistence and stubbornness. Stewart Bint – author of ‘In Shadows Waiting’ and ‘Timeshaft’.

In the deepest bowels of hell, five demons have been summoned, their bonds to the fires of damnation severed. For the first time in millennia, they have been called to the human realm to put an end to a battle that has raged for centuries.
The Children of Light and the Brotherhood of Shadow dominate the war-torn land, each yearning to rule the planet. Now the Brotherhood has summoned the demons, a weapon that could destroy their enemies once and for all, if they can only keep them under control.
Chaos, a soldier in The Children of Light, basks in the glory of being the highest ranking fighter of his generation, but his arrogance and impulsiveness prevent him from being given the opportunity to prove himself. He believes himself beyond the law, but a fateful coincidence puts him at the mercy of the demon, Anathema.
The two warriors, demon and human, strike up an intense rivalry, but their obsession to destroy one another only leads them closer together. They must decide which is more important to them – their duty or their desire.
A thought provoking and compelling dystopian world that will change the way you view justice...

In prisons across the country, inmates are forced to fight to the death in a weekly bloodbath while the nation cheers them on. Awaiting his death at the hands of the government’s ‘Phoenix Project’ is Raven Kennedy, a bitterly depressed young man who has never forgiven himself for his unspeakable crime.

As the real war wages within himself, Raven is forced to battle some of the prison’s most ruthless killing machines - people who will either save his life or drag him to his death.
Can he survive long enough to unravel his guilt and self-loathing, or will the battle arena and his own insanity kill him first?

The Phoenix Project by D.M. Cain is a superbly written debut, soaked in tension and intrigue,’ Jack Croxall, author of the ‘Tethers’ trilogy.