Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Our Featured Author, Julie Nicholls

Q1. Your first novel, Demon Within is part of a series, was that intentional?

Initially no, I had the idea for a single book, but due to encouragement from readers and popularity, I decided to continue with two more books, naming the series, Fallen-Angels. The second novel, titled Angel Within, is almost finished, although editing and proofreading will take a few more months, but I hope to release it in April/May 2015.

Q2. What do you do to move past writers block?

Writing is an art, like any other, and some days I struggled to write a sentence! For myself, I found either painting or playing games on the pc for a few hours, took my mind from ‘thinking’ too much. After a break, I would resume writing with energy and a fresh mind. I look on it as a form of meditation.

Q3. What is the most enjoyable part of writing for you?’

Plots! I sit with my husband, and we work on twists and plots to capture the attention. While the genre of my stories are romance, you can’t just write about love and passion, there has to be trials, struggles, difficult decisions and angst, having a good plot helps bring these feelings into the story, making for a compelling read.

Q4. As an indie author, what problems do you encounter?

Exposure and advertising are the two main obstacles that hinder a newbie from having their work seen. Relying on bloggers and social media is the only way someone like myself, with a very limited budget, may hope to be seen. It’s important for anyone purchasing a book from a shopping site, to leave a review, it’s like leaving a tip for a waitress, it helps other possible customers decide whether to spend their well-earned money or not.

Q5. Words of wisdom or encouragement for anyone thinking about writing a novel?

Do it! Don’t give up! Stay focused and positive! To quote one of my favorite songs, ‘Don’t stop believing.’ If you’re struggling with a particular aspect of writing, research what you need to move forward, practice and believe in yourself. 

Choose whichever you feel are suitable or appropriate. I only make five, I hope that’s enough.

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature! Enjoyed answering your questions very much!

  2. Our pleasure Julie, I hope a lot of new readers discover your books :)