Saturday, 25 July 2015

A New Look For An Old Favourite.

Friend and fellow author, Stewart Bint, has recently become a Booktrope author. His previously released works are getting a makeover and here at the Emporium we're pleased and excited to reveal the new covers for Stewart's book, In Shadows Waiting.
This was the first of Stewart's books I read and it is one of the most chilling supernatural reads you will come across.
We wish Stewart all the very best and I have to add, that this cover definitely ups the book's fear factor!



Young Simon Reynolds lives a bucolic life at his family home, White Pastures, surrounded by a loving family and a charming community. Simon finishes his A levels and looks forward to unwinding while his sisters work on their tans.
Meanwhile the tiny community of Meriton has been plagued by a spate of burglaries, and White Pastures seems to be next. A shadowy figure stalks the house, but the police can find no signs of an intruder.
Inspired by the author’s real-life experience with the supernatural, In Shadows Waiting recounts a summer that changes the Reynolds’ lives forever. As the summer progresses, the shadows take on an altogether more sinister implication, and White Pastures begins to reveal a terrifying secret.
The epicenter of an event that has scarred an entire community, White Pastures grows more and more dark, possessed by a shadow that yearns, a shadow that will not be denied. At White Pastures, someone will die – but love never will.


Stewart Bint is a novelist, magazine columnist and PR writer. He lives with his wife Sue in Leicestershire in the UK and has two children, Christopher and Charlotte. As a member of a local barefoot hiking group, when not writing he can often be found hiking barefoot on woodland trails.



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