Friday, 18 September 2015

Re-Launch For Author Karen Mossman.

Friend and fellow author, Karen J Mossman is re-launching her novel, Star Stuck. We're happy to have her here at the Writers Eporium to talk to you about this and her other works.

Book Description for Star Struck

A story of love, loss, betrayal, friendship and kinship set in 1980s Manchester, with music and fashion from the day.
Joanna Nelson is escaping a broken romance and there is nowhere better than with her sister in London. On the train she meets a mysterious stranger, then in London, a wide-boy cockney, and eventually arrives home with an even more complicated life.
She is also haunted by her childhood and when her stepsister turns up seeking refuge Joanna’s world is turned upside. Having Janet staying with her will bring her face to face with the mum she has blocked from her life for so long. The awful memories of her childhood that she still carries with her; of being locked in a dark cupboard, of beatings, and of being dressed up like a doll.  Janet’s presence brings it all back and the worst of it is she comes face to face with her mum again.
Thank goodness she has a sister and good friends to support her. The trouble is, it gets complicated when her best friend is a ‘he’.
Joanna’s love life becomes even more tangled as the three men she loves all give her something different.
Just when she thinks she has got things straightened out, her life is turned upside down by something she could never have imagined. Who will be there to catch her when she falls? Or will she find herself all alone?

My Other Books
I also have 3 short story collections.

The Missing, I’ve always been fascinated by the reasons that make people want to disappear. So these stories explore what those reasons could be.

Behind the Music – I like stories about the real people behind the music. What is that rock star really like? How did he get to be where he is now.? So again, several different stories of various people all involved in music.

Heroes – I am a romantic at heart and I do like stories of romance, but I also like something more there, some little twist that makes it different. The hero coming out of the mist to save the heroine at the last moment is great, but heroes comes in all different guises and this collection is a few of them.

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