Monday, 29 February 2016

Our Featured Author For March-Karina Kantas.

Karina is another member of the #Awethors writers group. Karina is launching her newest novel this month and we're pleased to have her here at the Emporium.

Karina Kantas.
Karina is the author of eight books, her latest being Illusional Reality, a gritty romantic fantasy.As well as an author, I’m a freelance writer, a designer of book trailers and promotions, a narrator and a VA.

Synopsis For Illusional Reality.

Nobody expects to stare death in the face only to find out your entire life is a lie.
Rescued by Salco, marketing executive Becky finds herself in an unknown magical world filled with happy people that try to forget their land is on the brink of destruction.
Becky will soon learn none of this was an accident, and the council of Tsinia are certain her union with Darthorn's son, Kovon, will create peace. And although her future has been planned out, she gives her heart to another.

Q and A With Karina.

Q: So, Karina, which elements of fantasy have you included in your novel and why?

A: You will not find any elves, dwarfs, witches or fairies in this tale. There are no goblins, unicorns and pots of gold at the end of a sparkly rainbow.
The underlying theme is love, sacrifice and forgiveness. You may meet a Portie or a telent. And if you're lucky maybe a Zenith will transcribe an oracle. There are no Fantasy stereotypes in my book. The names, places, spells, they are all original and the plot fresh. Whether you like fantasy or not, you will love these characters. You will cry and laugh and then want to hunt me down when you get to the end of the book.

 Illusional Reality is available to pre-order, so please do.
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Karina is also the author of the Oulaw Series.
Purchase the Outlaw series here

Contact Karina.

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