Sunday, 27 December 2015

Rocky Rochford brings you The Eye of Mares.

 Friend and fellow Author, Rocky Rochford has just released the next book in his awesome fantasy
series, The Rise Of The Elohim Chronicles. The new novel, The Eye of Mares continues the struggle between the forces of good and evil. Readers who love talking animals, magic,epic battles and heroic struggles will love this.
Rocky has been on a blog tour, sharing a little of The Eye Of Mares with his readers. The Writers Emporium is honoured to bring you part seventeen of this great new book. We wish Rocky all the best with this new addition. Happy Reading everyone!

The Eye of Mares – Part 17

…hair, with a bald spot in the middle. Despite looking around forty-eight years old, he was much older—two hundred and nine years older, to be exact. His true age was a secret known only to Zach and Izal.
Kazza looked upon his master’s face. It was heavily tanned, featured a broad grin, a long nose, and a black beard.
“Good morning to you too, sir,” Kazza replied graciously. 
“I take it Damien, Blaze, Thor and Avi are still in bed?” Mako surmised, as the four he mentioned were not present.
“I believe they are, sir,” Kazza lied hastily. He knew full well the group of boys were awake; he followed them down to the forest before he went to join Jason and Davidos.
“You are a poor liar, Kazza, but it is nice you do so in an attempt to cover for your friends,” Mako retorted. He too knew they were awake, as he had checked their beds to make sure no one was sleeping in.
Jason and Davidos continued their little battle, unaware of Mako’s presence, as neither dare to look anywhere else than at each other. Kazza smiled.
“Apologies, Master.”
“Not needed. Now, observing can only teach you so much Kazza, so how about you show me what you have witnessed?”
With one hand, Mako pulled free his longsword, a weapon that required two hands to hold it. As was the norm for a true Watcher’s weapon, the blade was black, with their mark close to the hilt. Embedded in the hilt was an assortment of emeralds.
Grinning, Kazza drew his own single-edged, bronze-bladed falchion.
“Good boy, now come at me!” Kazza leapt at Mako, only to have the more…

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