Friday, 15 January 2016

Metamorph Publishing Announces 2016 Indie Summer Book Awards!

Hi everyone,
As most of you are aware, indie authors work very hard to bring you the best possible books they can. This often involves long hours of writing, re-writing, editing, proofreading, having a cover designed, formatted and more. For many indie authors this work is in addition to working full time and raising a family-not an easy task at all.
Fellow indie and friend, Markie Madden is trying to help get the word out about the fantastic works of indie authors.
Her company, Metamorph Publishing is launching the 2016 Indie awards. All genres of work are eligible for nomination and the voting begins on September 1st.
If you have read an indie book that you love, why not help support the author and nominate them for an award?
The nomination only takes a few minutes and you will be playing a big part in helping support indie authors and the whole independent publishing industry.
 You can nominate a book ( even more than one!) by clicking on the link below and visiting the Metamorph Publishing nomination form

2016 Indie Summer Awards

Thanks for helping to support me and all the other indie authors!

Happy Reading,
Michael J. Elliott

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